Drumming technique for assertiveness and anger management in the short-term psychiatric setting for adult and adolescent survivors of trauma.

Slotoroff, C. 1994. Music Therapy Perspectives, Special Issue: Psychiatric music therapy. Vol 12, Issue 2. p. 111-116.

Describes an improvisational technique that uses drumming and cognitive-behavioral methods to address issues of power in an experiential and symbolic manner. This drumming technique was developed in an inpatient short-term psychiatric setting with adults and adolescents who had a history of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse. The author describes the use of this technique with a middle-aged woman and an 11-yr-old boy who had been victims of abuse. Although the insights gained and the increased sense of power and/or self-control during a session will result in lasting, significant behavioral, cognitive, or emotional changes, the authors suggest that seeds of awareness and of possibility may be planted. Additionally, this work may serve to inform and support verbal and nonverbal therapy during and after hospitalization.

improvisational drumming & cognitive behavioral methods in short term psychiatric setting; assertiveness & anger management; middle aged female & 11 yr old male survivors of abuse & trauma